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EDH 009

GIACOMO PUCCINI (1858 - 1924)


In 1899, a congress and a large exhibition in Como (Italy) celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the Voltaic pile, the forerunner of today's battery, invented by Alessandro Volta (1745 - 1827).

For this occasion Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) composed the march «Scossa Elettrica» and dedicated it to Volta.

The composition was written for piano, and at Puccini's suggestion was later orchestrated for wind orchestra by Guido Serrao. A performance of this version is known to have been given by the Banda Comunale in Lucca on December 18, 1910.

The present arrangement is based on Puccini's original version for piano. Percussion parts were added to it and some dynamic modifications were made.




The opera «La Gioconda» was an immediate success at its premiere and marked Ponchielli's breakthrough as a composer. This stage work, however, remained his only lasting success. While outside Italy this opera is rarely performed nowadays, in its home country it is an integral part of the opera repertoire.

Thus, the opera «La Gioconda» did not achieve real, worldwide and lasting fame, but the ballet interlude from the third act "La danza delle ore" (Dance of the hours) did. 


The two pieces are combined in one score. The scores are wire-stitched (no spiral binding) in 32x24 cm format.

The individual parts are delivered as PDF on a USB stick.


Price for set of 2:      score (printed) CHF 50.- /  parts (on USB stick) CHF 50.-                                                        Orders to:

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